Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The pirates life for me......

Well once again it's been a while since I updated this blog......
Since my last post I managed to finish roughly 1500pts of Harlequins and got some very good games in with them, sadly not many wins though.

After reading through the new Doom Of Mymeara book from Imperial Armour I have decided on a new project, naturally it would have to be more Eldar...... This time some Corsairs!
After a while planning out what I want to do I ordered myself a couple of Jetbike Conversion packs, a Corsair Reavers conversion pack with a Heavy Weapon pack, An Eldar Lynx and then an Autarch and a couple of boxes of Jetbikes...........Oh and an Airbrush to paint them with!
The airbrush is something I hadn't used for quite some time, previously when I used one it didn't have particularly good results though I am sure this is part inexperience and part cheap airbrush!
After a while of practicing with various colour schemes and doing a load of test models (Old Falcons, Support Weapon Platforms and Jetbikes) I decided on a blended colour scheme using Vallejo Storm Blue as a base colour.
The Lynx was my first model to be finished (I got a bit excited to get it done!) here is a picture of it:
The jetbikes, Reavers and Corsair Prince are all currently on the workbench being painted and will be posted up soon!