Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The pirates life for me......

Well once again it's been a while since I updated this blog......
Since my last post I managed to finish roughly 1500pts of Harlequins and got some very good games in with them, sadly not many wins though.

After reading through the new Doom Of Mymeara book from Imperial Armour I have decided on a new project, naturally it would have to be more Eldar...... This time some Corsairs!
After a while planning out what I want to do I ordered myself a couple of Jetbike Conversion packs, a Corsair Reavers conversion pack with a Heavy Weapon pack, An Eldar Lynx and then an Autarch and a couple of boxes of Jetbikes...........Oh and an Airbrush to paint them with!
The airbrush is something I hadn't used for quite some time, previously when I used one it didn't have particularly good results though I am sure this is part inexperience and part cheap airbrush!
After a while of practicing with various colour schemes and doing a load of test models (Old Falcons, Support Weapon Platforms and Jetbikes) I decided on a blended colour scheme using Vallejo Storm Blue as a base colour.
The Lynx was my first model to be finished (I got a bit excited to get it done!) here is a picture of it:
The jetbikes, Reavers and Corsair Prince are all currently on the workbench being painted and will be posted up soon!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

The show must go on!

Ok so most of my posts have tend to just be mainly pictures showing how I've been building the army but this one is going to be a bit more thoughtful.

We've had what seems like everything important now leaked from Codex: Harlequins and for the most part they've turned out as we expected. Fast moving but very fragile army which can hit like a tonne of bricks if it makes it in to combat.
The Codex certainly has thrown a few spanners into the works though, I had an idea of how I wanted to field my army and going by what we have so far I am thinking that I may have to go back to the drawing board somewhat.
There are several issues that I have spotted so far:
Ok, the leaked formations so far look pretty good if you are wanting to take the Harlequins as allies. There are some great special rules (Charging after Running, Hit and Run into a transport) but they are very limiting and with the points cost of a lot of things in the Harlequin book will end up costing too much to use in anything 1500pts or lower. The Harlequin Masque Detachment is good but unfortunately like the Formations it is very limiting. It forces you to take 3 Troupes, 2 Fast attack choices and 1 Heavy Support. Again with the cost of the units you are looking North of 1000pts.
Inherent Weaknesses:
The Harlequins were never going to be Jack of all trades, they are a specialized force and this codex really shows that. The problem is there are things they are going to seriously struggle to deal with.
Mass armour- Haywire cannons are great and all characters can take Haywire grenades but there really is nothing in the book that can deal any real damage at range. The prismatic cannon is only Strength 7 and 24" range. At 1500pts you are only looking at about 6 Haywire cannons. Good for about 3 Hull points if you roll well. Come up against a Astra Militarum army with multiple tanks or an Eldar army with multiple serpents and it's curtains.
Flyers- The big issue that I can see in this book. Admittedly Flyers aren't quite as popular nowadays as they were before but without anything in the book with Skyfire or enough shots to really stand a chance at doing any damage to aerial targets this is a big issue.

The way I see it at the moment is to make the Harlequins anything near effective (I mean just casual game, not competitive tournament play) they are going to need some help. For not a huge amount of points you can add Eldar or Dark Eldar battle brother allies which can add a little of that ranged firepower. Sadly though with the points cost of most of the Harlequins units and the fact you have to pay the Voidweaver/ Skyweaver taxes to field them as a primary detachment your options of Allies are rather limited.

Saying that,
I love the models, I've just painted up 12 of the new Harlequins and although the Diamonds are definitely starting to send me slowly insane they were a pleasure to put together and the kit is great. The idea of a Harlequin army really still appeals to me, there is something so enigmatic about them that I am sure I will still be enjoying using this army even if it's on the wrong end of a few heavy losses!
The psychic powers look great and there seem to be some interesting possible combinations involving the Relic wargear. I think it's going to take me a fair few games to really get into the swing of using this army, but it's going to be an enjoyable journey!

However, here is a few photos!
 The army as it stands at the moment
 Troupe Master with Harlequins Kiss

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ready for the pre-orders!

Well the pre-orders for the new Harlies are up and I made sure to get my order in nice and quick!
I have two boxes of the Troupe on their way and a Solitaire, can't wait to get the models but with the leaked photos for the Skyweavers I suspect I am going to have a lot of painting to do over the next few weeks!
As for now the basics of the army are as good as done, first Harlequin Troupe are fully painted and my Razorwing and Venoms are all ready to go! Just need to base them and then I am ready to move on to the next unit!
Here is a family shot of the army so far:
And then a closeup of my Razorwing:
And finally my WIP Solitaire/Archon conversion, still a little work to do on this model but I am quite happy so far!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

First unit done!!

Well it's been quite a lot of hard work but the first unit is finished!
I now have a month to do the rest of the army......................Uh oh!
Here are a few pictures of my first Harlequin Troupe and my White seer (see previous posts).
Hope you like!
Full unit

3 Standard Harlies

Troupe Master Front

Troupe Master Rear

Death Jester



White Seer

Wraithlord (Marionette)
Well the basis of the army is there, got a fair bit more to paint and build but it's starting to come together!
Now it's confirmed that the pre-orders for the new stuff are starting on Friday I will be heading down to GW and order a couple boxes of the new Troupe and a new Solitaire (very pretty model!). More to paint!!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Sci-fi Horror Film Clowns?

Ok so I have been painting my Harlies over the last couple of days and my plans have changed slightly. I am sticking with the Black and white theme with individual colours (apart from Characters) but it's come out darker and to be honest a lot more sinister than I expected, something I am very happy with!
Here is a WIP of my Troupe Master to give an idea:
Definitely a bit different from how I have planned but so far I am really happy with how they have turned out. Definitely has a bit of a Sinister Horror Film Clown vibe to him!

Another update!

So the Codex rumours have got to the point now where it seems inevitable so it's all guns blazing now!
Went up to GW this morning and picked up a couple of Venoms and a Razorwing. I have built both Venoms today so now my Wyches have something to ride in.
Here is how the army is looking so far:
So far this consists of:
5x Wyches with Venom
5x Wyches with Venom
Wraithlord with EML and Brightlance
5x Rangers
10x Harlequins- Troupe master, Shadowseer, Death Jester and two fusion guns
Archon/Solitaire conversion.

I think I may go to using my White Seer as an Eldrad stand in for the games coming up, I have a couple of playtesting games planned for the end of this week.

Monday, 12 January 2015

A bit of progress!

Well things have been going well to start.
I have a Wraithlord and two units of Wyches fully painted up and ready for the table. In addition I have a unit of harlequins built and primed. Though I think they are going to take a while to get painted up to the standard that I want!
Here is a photo of the first couple of units, almost enough to get them into some games!