Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A new direction........

Good evening!
Well this hasn't been updated in a fair while! Due to a change in job and lots of outside influences my time for the hobby has been pretty low. Hopefully in the new year this should change!
In March my local club is going to be starting up a new 40k league and so far we have quite a few people sign up for it!
I had originally wanted to use my inquisition army but one of the rules of the league is that no more than 750pts can be spent on Allies which would make it difficult without quite a lot of work.
With this in mind I have decided to go back to my Eldar but this time to a previous love.......The Harlequins! I used my usual Eldar army in the previous tournament but invoked some Ire as my twin wave serpent and Wraithknight set up wasn't very popular!
This time around however I am looking to put out a fluffy army with the intention of having fun rather than any thoughts of being competitive. 
There has been the odd rumours going around about the possibility of a harlequin mini dex but for the moment I've just got the craftworld eldar and dark eldar books available to use, I have a few ideas down on paper and have picked up the first few models, hopefully over the coming weeks I can get a few painting posts up on here!