Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The test model!

Well I dug out my old rangers and in a couple of hours this evening put together a quick test model. Ignore the base as it has been neglected but I think this may be close to the final colour scheme.
Not entirely sure on the cloak & leather colours, I have some Vallejo camo paints on the way which may be a bit better. Overall though I am quite happy! (Oh and yes it is sat ontop of a fish tank, it provides the best lighting!)

First steps on the hidden path....

Good evening and welcome to my blog!
I have started this blog to chronicle my fledgling Eldar army.
A few weeks back a friend of mine came up with the idea of running a "Tale of four gamers". Based on the articles that White Dwarf previously used to run which told the tale of four gamers building up armies piece by piece each month and then battling at the end of each month.
My original idea was to create an Inquisition warband using Coteaz and the Inquisitorial Henchmen but sadly finding attractive and economical models to do this was about as easy as finding a close combat driven Tau army!
This led to a lot of thinking and wondering what else I could do that would be fun/original. I came up with ideas for various themed armies and starting up armies that were completely new to me (Tau, Demons, Dark Eldar) but it was a model that popped up on Ebay that made my mind up for me.
The Eldar have always been my main love when it comes to 40k. Small Elite armies have always been my preferred way of playing and I've always loved the background fluff. I've done a few different Eldar armies (Ulthwe, Alaitoc and my own Craftworld) but one of my favourites was always the old Alaitoc list (with Disruption table etc) there is something about snipers that is just innately cool and now they have a shiny new character what better time is there to start the army up again?!?
The big benefit of doing the Tale of four gamers is that I have plenty of time to get the army painted up and with us doing it in stages (500pt start then extra 250 a month after) I can really focus on getting the modelling and painting as good as I can!
Hopefully I can start posting up some pictures soon, I am currently waiting for a couple of bits to dry on a test model.
Hopefully if you are reading this then you'll find some interest in what I am doing and will follow my progress, feel free to comment on any posts made on the blog, I am always interested to hear peoples opinions!